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american people, their genius, their grit and determination, is channeled and they have an opportunity to succeed. everybody is getting a fair shot. everybody is getting a fair share -- a fair share. everybody is playing by the same rules. four years ago, i said i am not a perfect man and noo a perfect present. that is probably a promise governor romney things i kept. i also promise i fight every single dayyon behalf of the american people, the middle class, and although striving to get into the middle class, i have kept that promise. if you will vote for me, then i will promise i will fight just as hard in the second term. >> the romney -- governor romney. >> this is an important election and i'm concerned about america. i am concerned about the taking over the last four years. i know this is bigger than an election about the two of us as
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indivvduals. -pit is bigger than our respecte parties. it is an election about the course of america. what kknd of america do you want to have for yourself and your children? there are two seven pads we begin speaking about this evening. we will have two more presidential debates and a vice presidential debate. we will talk about those two pads. -- paths. you do not have to just look at our work. you can look at the record. if the president would be reelected, you will see a middle-class squeeze. income going down, and prices going up. in come up p again. if i am president, i will help to create 12 million new jobs in this country with rising incomes. if the president is elected, obamacare will be fully installed. that will mean a whole different life.
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many will lose their insurance. if i am elected, we will not have obamacare. we will put in place the kind of principles i put in place in my own state and allow each state to craft their own programs and we will focus. if the president were reelected, you will see a $716 billion cut to medicare. you have 4 million people who lose medicare advantage. you have hospitals and provides no longer accepting medicare. i will restore that $716 billion to meddcare. finally, military. you will see dramatic cuts toward military if the president is reelected. pt is said this will be devastating. i will not cut our commitment to the military. i will keep america strong and get america's middle-class working again. thank you, jim. the next debate will be on thursday, october 11 on -- at
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center college in kentucky for now, i am -- aa center college in kentucky." for now, i am jim lehrer. good night. [applause] >> and now, the familles are on stage as the first of three presidential debates comes to a close. we have been falling the romney campaign.
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carl, an event like this ends, whoever you were for you believe it did just great. whether you were against, you think did just horribly. >> it will be hard to judge initially. like so many debates, the spot analysis that will happen in the spin room for the next three or four hours, wwat will be all over social media, is likely to evolve over the next few days as people begin to analyze in depth and take a look to the accuracy of the things that were set as well as the demeanor of the candidates. in just about every single answer, mitt romney looked at the prrsident and looked him in the eye and addressed the president directly.+ in most of his answers, president obama spoke to either jim lehrer or the audience. this was, in general, a good debate. there were some annoyed appearances ffom the president,
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some inpatient attempts to interrupt the flow of things by mitt romney, but fairly ssall. lots of policy. for reporters and voters who thought a lot of times this campaign has ordered a little bit too on -- to much on the cynical, there was it kind of policy tonight. you heard president obama at one. take the president -- take mitt romney to task. that did not happen until the last half-hour of the debate. for the better part of the first hour, it was mitt romney who was pn offense, challenging the president's record, addressing him directly, accusing the president of misrepresenting mitt romney. toward the end, we heard mitt romney say, you are entitled to your own house and plain, but not your own facts. there was a fair amount of
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%+arring back and forth. generally speaking, there demeanor's seemed like, in mitt romney's case, he is prepared to be president, and president obama is struggling with some of the strains of being president with some of a rigid somewhat of a difficult campaign. a difficult campaign. -- with somewhat of a diffi remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] safe driving bonus check? what is that? so weird, right?
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>> the first of three presidential debates is now in the book.
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we have got the word that on the national level, most polls indicate this race is a dead heat. among the popular vote in many of the swing states, it has tightened up considerably. in florida, it is a statistical dead heat. in the state of ohio, which nn republican has never won an not won the white house, the lead is
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the first faceoff in the race for the white house. the stakes are high as president obama and mitt romney go head to head in denver. >> he has been asked over 100 times how you would close those deductions and loopholes and he hasn't been able to identify them. >> there are six other studies that say it is completely wrong. >> both candidates calling each other out as they make their case for your vote. and tonight, fox 5 is giving you instant reaction and analysis. thanks for joining us at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm will thomas in for brian. tonight's showdown focused on the economy, taxes, healthcare, and both candidates came out swinging. fox 5's tom fitzgerald kicks off our coverage tonight. >> will and shawn, good to see you this evening. what we're going to do for you right now is a little bit of post game. this first presidential debate
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is now in the books and what we have for you here is a panel. a panel we have assembled, a group of folks who have different views on all of this. we'll get to them in a minute and let you know about them. first, start off with one of the very first topics of the debate tonight between mitt romney and president obama. when both men talked about their economic priorities. >> governor romney has a perspective if we cut taxes and roll back regulations that we'll be better off. i have a different view. >> that was president obama there. we have mitt romney also that we want to hear from in a bit. bruce stern's attorney worked on the reagan campaign in '84. you're the treasury. you heard president obama talk about what his economic
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priorities were. was there anything in there that as a republican, you thought that might reflect something that you hold dear? >> well, there are two things. in the contrast was governor romney said his number one priority was creating jobs and that's so important to the american people. as you know, the unemployment rate is at 8.1%. it is only that low because people stopped looking for work. previously at 8.3. it's now at 8.1%. the president promised the american people years ago that we would be in a much lower rate, especially after all the stimulous spending. what governor romney said was that jobs were his number one priority and outlined a plan. what struck me was that the president only talked about creating 100,000 jobs, teaching jobs in this country, which of course is federally funded. >> let's hear what mitt romney had to s. the moderator put this to mitt romney as well. here was mitt romney's response
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to his economic priorities tonight. >> i will not reduce the share paid by high income individuals. i know you keep saying that and it's a popular thing to say, but it's not the case. >> for 18 months, he has been running this tax plan and now five weeks before the election, he is saying his big bold idea is never mind. >> michelle, they are talking tonight about not getting enough information to these voters. you have described yourself as an undecided voter at this point. you worked in the financial industry. you are young. i will say that. >> thank you. >> when you watch these two candidates tonight and you are sitting here undecided, when president obama and mitt romney stare face to face, do you see one of them that you might move in support of one way or the other? >> thank you, tom, i appreciate the opportunity to be here. i think there are questions. i did not get enough specifics.
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what i felt most was some contradiction of obama's side when he talked about deductions that he was looking to do and creating job growth and education. with education, he presented to be in support of that. one of the things that stuck immediately was he is looking to cut pbs. i can't imagine anyone going growing up without reading rainbow and sesame street. i didn't feel specifics. >> your former u.s. army officer, you served in the united states military. you now work in i.t. you are a supporter of president obama. this was a domestic issues debate tonight. what we didn't hear was any talk about what either one of these candidates would do in finding jobs for veterans. was this a glaring admission? we have a new generation returning to this country from war, but yet we heard no talk of how veterans were going to
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be provided for in jobs in this economy. >> fortunately, the president has a very clear record of supporting veterans both on the economic side and on the actual defense side. so since it was an economic debate on domestic policy, veteran job act, which the president strongly supported, which was to incentivize businesses to recruit and hire veterans who are just coming back from our wars, getting on active duty. also on the clean energy side, the president has been supporting those efforts because it has been seen that veterans are being recruited and hired in those industries as well. >> the big issues in this election this year is obviously the deficit. everyone has talked about the deficit. let's play with both of these candidates tonight had to say about what they would do as president when it comes to the nation's deficit and debt.
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>> you have been president four years. you said you would cut the deficit in half. we still have trillion dollar deficits. each of the next four years. if you are reelected, we'll get to a trillion dollar debt. >> if we are asking for no revenue, we have to get rid of a whole bunch of stuff and the magnitude of tax cuts would end up resulting in severe hardship for people. more importantly, would not help us grow. >> george ray ray reynalds. what was being missed here? >> sounds good. we've heard it before and it hasn't been happening. that's really it in a nutshell. a lot of good ideas.
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i really would pick and choose. romney has the means for cutting expenses. that's a good idea. although they both seemed a little unclear at times as to what the difference was between the deficit and the debt. we got the tax part of the equation. obama sited earlier when he was talking about jobs, couldn't financial situation when clinton was president. but they didn't mention that bill clinton wasn't fighting two wars at the time. >> really quickly in one word, i want to give you the idea, who do you think came out on top tonight. george, i'll start with you. >> don't have an answer. >> obama. >> michelle. >> romney. >> bruce. >> romney as well. i think he came across as passionate and caring and likable. three things he wanted to stress, as well as presidential. >> all four of you, we
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appreciate you taking the time to talk to us tonight. that is a bit of our instant analysis. we are far from over on this, shawn, and back to you. >> tom, thank you. fox 5 political analyst joins us now. mark, we heard from the regular folk, now it's time to get to you. right off the bat, who do you think won the debate tonight? >> if winning the debate is doing a good job in terms -- because these are performances. it was mitt romney. he was prepared. he was aggressive. he was straightforward. he looked at president obama and standing on the same stage and holding his own. this is the president of the united states in itself is a victory. president obama had a debate with romney and romney seemed very, as i said, prepared and aggressive to the point of not being offensive. >> let me ask you, as i watch tonight and also sort of watched twitter and other things, we heard one of the feedback that someone says. they thought it seemed like
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romney pivoted hard on taxes, wall street. do you think that may have unsettled president obama, throwing him off his game tonight? >> i don't think the president who has a reputation may be having a thin skin, that did not succeed. the president was composed. he was his natural, cool, disposition. he smiled. he didn't sigh. he didn't look at his watch. he didn't do any of the things that were disturbing or distracting. but he just took the slings and arrows of romney. sometimes he counterattacked. i thought he did better as the debate went on, but romney, romney is behind. romney tried to show more compassionate self. the president philosophy was do no harm, don't make any serious mistakes and just take it and then make your point. in that regard, it was a
10:50 pm
minimal philosophy. he did fairly well. i think mitt romney accomplished what he set out to do, which was make his case. >> let me ask you, before this we heard mitt romney was going to come out with a lot of zingers tonight. do you think they were effective? >> no, i don't remember any. so if you can't remember a zinger, it's not a zinger. the most effective thing he did was, look, you had four years and this is your record. and it's not a record that deserves reelection. the president came back and said, well look what i inherited, but didn't dwell on that and said we have a different way of looking at what government does. and he made his case as well. i mean, more than anything, it was probably a draw that romney did better than i thought, and he, the president is rusty. he hasn't done this in four years. >> he is still the president of the united states. let me ask you, mark, after
10:51 pm
what we heard or what we saw tonight in their performances, do you think it's going to make a difference for undecided voters? those voters in those key swing states? >> no. i'm glad do you brought that up, are one by organization, by the knocking on doors, the phone banking. the voter id. the idea of getting them to the polls. that's an organizational triumph and nobody made such a serious mistake that it's going to change. i'll be very interested in looking at those state polls. i don't think the debate affected the performance of the ground game as they call it in those states. >> mark, we'll ask you to stick around. we'll get more coming up later in the newscast. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. we continue now in the web center. reaction all over social media. our facebook page blowing up. myfoxdc with your comments. i'm going to share those in a moment. also over on twitter, big bird,
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well he's a big hit. i'll explain that in a moment. first, let's talk about some of the facebook comments. we isolated four so far. let's get right to it. leona writes, i think obama is being more realistic and romney wants to make a big hit rather than be realistic. how can romney know anything about business if he hasn't run or been part of a successful business? marsha said romney will attack the working class worse than we have ever seen before. and dawn writes, romney came to the table prepared. numbers don't lie. mitt romney expressed his commitment to cut funding for pbs. he told jim lair, quote, i love big board, i like you, too, but i'm going to stop borrowing money from china for things we don't need. including images, this is one
10:53 pm
of the clean ones. the sign reads, will work for food. here's some of the back story. romney's funding commitment, not a big surprise. he told fortune magazine he would cut the subsidy from the budget. hash tag, save bag bird is trending and hope handed me this. apparently big bird has his own page on twitter. we're going to continue to monitor your comments on our facebook page. myfoxdc. tweet me at will thomas. we'll continue to monitor all of it. this is still evolving. the debate just minutes old now. shawn, back up to you. >> there's simply at big bird. there are a will the of folks jumping on twitter. and we are following other big stories, including a mystery in virginia. a teenager missing since monday. the clues in the still developing case are coming up next. also ahead tonight, a giant man hunt is underway after a brutal attack on an elderly man. and sue, what's going on with the forecast?
10:54 pm
>> it's another mild night. the good news is, we don't have all that fog around tonight, we do have a couple light showers that are showing up and some of those might hang around for the first part of our morning commute. i'll have details on our weekend forecast when i join you later. >> maryland residents, you may have to pay more for your utilities. how a new plan could affect your power bill coming up on the news edge. [ barack o obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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[ female announcer ] he says... president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt romney supports actually does. more huge tax breaks skewed to the wealthy.
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while cutting nearly eight hundred billion from medicaid... even though middle-class families rely on medicaid to help loved ones cover nursing-ho care. and it helps parents support children with disabilities. if mitt romney really "cares," wouldn't we see it in his priorities? this 72-year-old man is in critical condition tonight after a vicious beating outside a silver spring apartment complex. it happened on garland avenue at piney branch sometime late monday night or early tuesday morning. police are asking for the public's help to find the person responsible. audrey barnes is following the investigation. >> he was found right there. >> guvara guzman's two sons found him unconscious in the parking lot next to the dumpster at 3:30 tuesday morning. the tiny, 72-year-old man, just
10:58 pm
110-pounds, have left his home at 8:00 p.m. to go shopping and never made it back. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after a vicious beating. police think robbery may have been the motive. >> he is a 72-year-old man. the way he was found, is inhuman. i don't understand how can anybody just rob him, but at the same time, hurt him in such a way. >> montgomery county police were back at the scene wednesday handing out fliers in spanish and english, offering a $1,000 reward for information in the assault. >> we believe that it occurred right there. the man is 72 years old. he could have been over powered pretty easily by one or two attackers. >> the attack happened just a two minute walk of guzman's home. people living around here know him well.
10:59 pm
he would help anyone who needed it. now they hope neighbors will help him. >> he has been living here for seven years. people who live here, they know him. and it's hard to believe that this could happen here. e i -- guzman can be reunited with his second wife and young son in el salvador. >> we hope he makes it, but we don't know how. >> . another teenager assaulted in springfield, virginia, and police are investigating whether the attack is linked to several others. a 15-year-old girl was walking on hibbling avenue about 7:15 last night. when police say someone grabbed her from behind and fondled her. she was able to get away. it's the fourth similar attack
11:00 pm
in the springfield area in just last month. each time the suspect described as having a black close cut beard and wearing a plain ball cap. developing tonight in fairfax county, the search continues for a teenager missing since monday morning. police spent much of the day combing through an area park looking for bryan glenn. karen gray houston is live where bryan may have last been seen. karen. >> reporter: police say they are going through surveillance video from this fairfax circle, dunken donuts because a receipt that was found in bryan glenn's car, was date stamped from here monday at 8:00 a.m. his parents are frantic. it's not like their son to just drop out of sight. his mother says she thinks somebody has her son. >> the park is open to the public. >> family and friends gathered in the parking lot at the park this evening to join in the police search for bryan glenn.
11:01 pm
looking here because this is where bryan's vw jetta was discovered. >> seven people on the left. >> the group got instructions, but had little to go on. just an empty box from dunken donuts that was left in the car, along with pieces of jolly rancher candy and wrappers. >> he's not a big donut eater and that was something the radio station was set on a car he wouldn't normally listen to. so we just -- we don't know right now, but there may be some indications he wasn't by himself. >> the group broke off and went in different directions. police in the lead. an army friend of bryan's father, an s.a.t. coach and young high school friend, all very worried and concerned. >> i honestly don't think anything bad happened to him. he is such a nice kid and very humble and i could never see him do anything bad.
11:02 pm
>> police brought out a helicopter and blood hounds earlier to help look. but so far, nothing. bryan's brother is grasping at straws trying to figure out what's going on. >> you think he's with someone? >> yes , ma'am, that's what i think. >> you think he got kidnapped? >> i don't know about kidnapped, but maybe he met up with somebody he just met. >> bryan played football at woodson high. he's missing practice, but mostly his family is missing him. >> if he is watching right now, bryan, we miss you and we are waiting to hear from you. we want you home. >> reporter: bryan's parents are desperate. they are working with the private investigator. they say they don't want to second guess police, but no one impounded brian's car after it was discovered or lifted fingerprints from it and they also did not process that empty donut box. back into you, shawn. >> karen gray houston, we hope they get some results soon.
11:03 pm
thank you. time to change gears now. baseball fever has come to d.c. and boy in a big way. the nats have taken the top seed in the national league. but there was, well this historic first at nats park today. how teddy roosevelt finally won today's president's race. you don't want to miss it as we continue on this late edition.
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it has been a magical year for nats baseball, even up to the final game of the regular season today. sports director, scott myth is here. are you standing on a box? what is this going on here? you were at the ballpark today for not one, but two historic events. >> there were two bits of news that happened today. i'll show you both and let you decide which one is the bigger story. >> you want me to decide? >> i'll let you judge for yourself. let's start with the game
11:07 pm
itself against the phillies. this is the 162nd game of the year. a win they finished baseball's best record in home field advantage. bottom of the 4th, it's ryan zimmerman. his 25th jack of the year. finishes 12th in rbi's in the national league. michael provides some cushion in the 8th as the nats grab their 98th win and home field advantage in the playoffs. >> no doubt about it, you want to finish feeling good. that was definitely a feel-good finish. getting to ten wins, we all wanted him to get there. he pitched better to have 15 wins, as good as he's pitched. >> today's other big story, the president's race. teddy, he had a secret weapon today. a miniphilly fanatic pops out of nowhere. knocks down washington, jefferson, and lincoln, and teddy roosevelt has a win and
11:08 pm
there is much rejoicing. so there it is. the two stories, home field advantage in the playoffs or teddy winning the president's race. >> you have to give it to teddy. home field advantage today seemed to work out for the nats favor. >> one of those events was trending on twitter and it wasn't the nats winning home field advantage. >> thank you. back to our big story tonight, president obama and mitt romney facing off in their first presidential debate. now that round one is in the books, we're diving into the analysis coming up next. also, did two local police officers speed up another offduty cop? there are two very different versions of this story. we'll break them down, next. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
11:09 pm
number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> president obama and mitt romney sparring in their first debate in denver tonight. both candidates offering contracting views on how to tackle the growing economy and
11:12 pm
healthcare. the president criticized mitt romney saying his plan to reduce taxes by 20% would cost $5 trillion and benefit the wealthy at the expense of middle income taxpayers. mitt romney attacked the president for failing to reduce the deficit. woo won tonight? fox 5 political analyst is back now with more debate analysis. we know this debate was on domeic issues. how did the candidates do when it came to explaning their positions, especially when it came to medicare and social security. >> what president obama wanted to do was scare people that medicare, as we know it, would be changed and that it would be a voucher system. he invoked paul ryan, mitt romney's running mate in saying look, you want to change things. mitt romney came back and said look, if you are a current recipient of medicare or you are near medicare in terms of age, i'm not going to change anything. then the president came back and said well, if you are 54 or
11:13 pm
55, you better worry. so that's a real divide on that issue. in terms of social security, there was no new ground. the president did say he wants to tweak it. does that mean raising the age? does that mean raising the income level? we don't know. but there seemed to be some agreement on social security, but there was a definite difference when it came to medicaid. >> mark, let me ask you about something else that people seem to watch. people like to watch the style. and how a candidate acts when they are out there. we saw the cut ways of both of the candidates. mitt romney's likeability rating has been different. >> i think he did well. he has a very nice way of looking at somebody while they are speaking. there was no smirking. i thought it was interesting that obama looked at the camera while romney was looking at obama. but it wasn't in a challenging
11:14 pm
or intimidating way. he borrowed from ronald reagan, talked about people he met during the campaign. so in terms of his likeability factor, it can only go up for mitt romney and the president just appeared the same as he always does. >> mitt romney has been criticized for being different, depending on what stage he is on. i saw people saying they like this mitt romney who showed up. do you think he's going to get criticized for showing himself as a different person tonight? >> no. i just think that it's probably who he really is. what i thought was interesting that he didn't appeal to was what call wal-mart moms. those are women who don't have college educations who are on lower income. those are the undecided constituency and also, what about going and trying to appeal to suburban women who are susceptible to his
11:15 pm
argument? and finally, latinos, where he is getting clobbered. the president said about 71%. i realize the subject matter is the economy, but you are also trying to talk to different constituents and there, i thought mitt romney failed in trying to bring in constituents that he is doing poorly with, or which he needs for the election. i said mitt romney won, that doesn't mean he wins the election. this is one debate. there are two others and if you win all three debates, doesn't mean you win an election. >> absolutely. round one over with. of course we'll have to take a look and see what happens. mark, thanks for coming in tonight. >> thank you. >> and remember, if you missed any part of tonight's debate coverage, you can log on and share your opinions on our facebook and twitter pages. another big story we're following tonight. a veteran d.c. police officer filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit. he claims he was beaten by two prince georges county cops.
11:16 pm
richard meritt says they beat him with a fist, broke his leg outside a restaurant last weekend. paul wagner is following this one tonight. >> richard meritt stopped by the ebony inn to pick up food before driving home to watch his son play football on tv. as he was standing outside talking with friends, two county police officers rolled up in marked cruisers and ordered everyone on the ground. >> when one officer approached, identified myself and told him i was armed. at the time, i was on the phone. the officer attempted to snatch the phone from my hand. i took it away from him so he couldn't snatch it. he then pushed me. after he pushed me, i turned to him and said i'm an officer and i'm armed and if you hurt me, i'm going it sue you. >> the officers grabbed him and tried to get him on the ground. >> they jumped on my back, they tried to force me to the ground. >> meter says the officers
11:17 pm
broke his left foot while using the baton. for reasons still unknown. >> i have some here say, some hearsay. but it's just hearsay. the paperwork doesn't reflect they were looking for someone else. they were losing control. >> as you might imagine, prince georges county police have a different version of events. according to this court document, richard meritt ignored their orders to get against the wall to interview him. instead talking on a phone. he told the officers quote, i'm drinking at a private property. i am not doing anything wrong, i'll sue you. the court document says meritt was drinking whisky and no mention of meritt's claim he identified himself as a police officer. the document says the officers noticed a bulge in his waistband and concerned he was
11:18 pm
armed. when meritt ignored their orders, they used knee strikes and pain compliance techniques to get him down. he was charged with having an open container of alcohol, resisting arrest, and failure to obey a lawful order. paul wagner, fox 5 news. as we continue tonight, controversial and racist. those are the criticisms aimed at new adings in new york city subways. now the woman behind them wants them in d.c. metro stations. and later, an angry outburst between nikki monage and mariah carey. this got nasty. the judge's reaction to the war of words coming up.  [ kreg smith ] i'm third generation military.
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being deployed overseas, is a high sense of adaptability, leadership skills, and teamwork. [ lionel hamilton ] ge doesn't hire veterans because they're veterans. we hire veterans because they're extremely qualified. [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, northrop grumman.
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some cutbacks are coming to university of district of columbia. the board of trustees are taking a plan that involves layoffs. the school's operating budget is $170 million, but $64 million of that comes from d.c. taxpayers. city leaders think that's too much. the mayor is looking over the cost cutting plan. the president says those cuts will be painful. >> a lot of that is he salaries of folks who have been working here for some time. in some operating expenses, but most of the initial reductions would be on the salary side. >> president allen says more than 25 faculty and staff members will lose their jobs and he may have to take a pay cut. he makes nearly $300,000 a year, lives in a university owned home and drives a university paid for vehicle. will controversial ads
11:23 pm
putting isrealis against savages go up? the creator sued, forcing new york's transportation authority to allow the ads. the ads say, in any war between the civilized man and savage, support the civilized man. support israel, defeatjihad. her lawyer joined us on fox 5 news at 5:00. >> the transit response was those who want to silence speech. the government has a constitutional duty to protect the speaker and not to join a violent mob. >> the judge rules on the d.c. lawsuit tomorrow. that'll baa is a blogger who fought against building an islamic center. >> signs of local voter fraud weeks before the november election. we'll tell you where the name of deceased voters are showing up. and if you live in maryland,
11:24 pm
your power bill may be going up. the details still ahead tonight. [ barack obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] he says... president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt romney supports actually does. more huge tax breaks skewed to the wealthy. while cutting nearly eight hundred billion from medicaid... even though middle-class families rely on medicaid to help loved ones cover nursing-home care. and it helps parents support children with disabilities. if mitt romney really "cares," wouldn't we see it in his priorities? and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc.
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perhaps you heard a big blowup at the american idol judges table. the whole thing was caught on camera. take a look. [ arguing ] >> it is hard to hear everything and thank goodness, the bleeps are there. the bigbattle between nikki happened during auditions in charlotte, north carolina. according to tmz, it started when the divas disagreed over a contestant's performance. prosecutors ended the auditions so the two judges could cool
11:28 pm
down. fox's paul milican has more. >> i love it here. >> charlotte has been fun. >> it was all smiles as the four american idol judges arrived wednesday. this after day one of auditions ended on a low note. we know emotions were running high and headlines, but does that indicate how dedicated you guys are to helping out? >> how passionate everybody is. >> tuesday night, celebrity site, tmz, posted a clip of new judge, nikki manage lashing out at mariah carey at the judge's table. >> we had an intense and heated moment on the judge's panel. nikki and mariah, they had dialogue together. the producers decided to call it a day, when we had a few more contestants left. we have very, very strong, very opinionated judges on this panel. >> sources with the show say
11:29 pm
emotional judges are nothing new. and both women agree, they are now invested in the talent they are seeing. >> very much so. i wish -- i would not have gone on because i don't think rap works in this setting. but it's good to have a whole bunch of people that have done it and mentor you. >> are you finding yourself e mother-in-lawly invested in the kids before you? >> yes, because it reminds me of when i was starting out. i was really young, so it's a nice thing to see. >> as for that talent, the only drama here, the nerves as they get ready for their big moment. do you get nerves when you audition? >> i fight them. i tell myself, you aren't going to get nervous. you aren't going to embarrass yourself. >> as filming wraps up, it's
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